Business Insider- 12 Popular Bogus “Life Hacks” Facebook Post

Business Insider Bogus Life Hacks : 

Life hacks are strategies or techniques that  manages one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way by taking everyday appliances and using them in a different form to make daily stresses not so stressful.   Although life hacks are meant to save you time, some of them don’t work.  Business Insider has come up with 12 life hacks that seem to be useless, or simply does not work. These life hacks should be avoidable because they are not time savers, or organizational tips. For example, Business Insider informs us that saving dead batteries in the freezer does not recharge them. Due to personal experiences, I agree that this life hack does not work. For more information on life hacks that do not work, visit Business Insiders blog by clicking on the link above.