Top 10 Facts of Humor

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You’d be surprised how many different facts there are about Humor! But to save you your time and energy, here a Top 10 facts about Humor that you ,may not have known!


10.) Your Brain Can Detect Fake Laughter

According to a study by Professor Scott from the University College London says that the brain can tell the difference between a real and fake laugh.

9.) Laughter is Contagious

When we hear someone laugh it triggers the part of your brain that controls the movement of your facial muscles.

8.) Supervisors who use Humor Are Perceived as Better Leaders

When in doubt, just be funny! If you’re in charge of people and you’re able to show them your funny side, you’ll let them know that you can have fun while still be professional!

7.) 10-15 minutes of Laughter Can Burn about 40 calories

Yes, it’s true! When you laugh your heart rate speeds up 10-20%! Unfortunately, in order for it to make a difference you would have to have a solid laugh for about an hour.

6.) Your Sense of Humor might be Genetic

When it comes to the gene 5-HTTLPR, the shorter the gene strand, the quicker you are to laugh at things like cartoons, movie clips, etc. then those who have a longer gene.

5.) Laughter is Good for Relationships

Couples who handle stressful situations with laughter not only feel better, but have higher levels of satisfaction and stay together longer than those who don’t.

4.) Laughter is Attractive

During a study, women laugh more than men during conversation while men where the ones who were creating the laughter in the first place.

3.) Humor Boosts Creative Thinking

Humor causes you to be more relaxed and have a more opened mind. It is able to provide a more colorful environment for you to work in!

2.) A Sense of Humor Reduces Sick Days

Laughing increases your immune system because it gives you more antibodies! This helps reduce your chances of getting sick.

1.) Humorous Advertisements Are More Effective

Humorous advertisements are driven to be more on the memorable side and make viewers more likely to act on the add. Adds with humor also have a 25% greater impact than those without any.

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