March 21, 2017

If you’re like me then you must love that guilty pleasure of fast food! I mean who wouldn’t love a fast and ready meal at such a cheap price? Yes I know that it is not the best for you and too much can have some serious damage on your body but hey, we’re all gonna die eventually am I right?! However, some people take it just a bit too far….


Thank God we have 911! It was created especially for situations like this! Forget all the murders and robberies that happen, this is MUCH more serious then that! In her defense McDonalds chicken nuggets (or whatever they are), are addicting! So naturally this was the most logical response to this crisis! It’s good to know that her priorities are all there!


Now I’m starting to sense a pattern with McDonalds. A baby for 15 Big Macs!?!?! Thats outrageous! A baby is at least worth 17…But lets be real for a second, it seems that this guys had one too many burgers for my liking. Maybe instead of Big Macs he should of went for Medium Macs. Or maybe even a nice salad. Whatever happened after all this though, I’m sure neither one of these two are┬áLovin’ It now.

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