Donald Trump or Donald Dump? (Is he a joke?)


Donald Trump or Donald Dump?

Is he a joke?

        Donald Trump or Donald Dump depending on what you think of him is now our president of the United States. President Trump has been in the media since God knows how long! Who could forget the “small loan of $1 million dollars” that his father gave him?!? But let’s be serious here for a second people. Is having Donald Trump as the President such a bad thing? I mean really, is having a narcissistic, ignorant, power crazy man in the most powerful position a good idea?

         Honestly, maybe I’m being a little biased about the poor guy….I mean rich guy….you know what I mean! Anyways, lets look at the good, the bad, and the obvious ugly. First off, President Trump is one of the greatest business men there has ever been. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the last few decades will know this, and if you still don’t believe me then just look at the billions of dollars that he has!694940094001_5319894308001_trumpstores-1050

           Now on the flip side, Donald Trump has had some pretty awful businesses. We have a mortgage company right before the housing market collapses, this man also had his own airline, Trump Vodka, and of course, Trump University. Plus this man has also opened his mouth and said somethings that really ticked off a bunch of companies. He infamous line  “Gr
ab them by the pu**y”, has made companies such as Sears, Macy’s, K-Mart,and Burlington drop all Trump lines theater being in store or online.

Lets talk about this “wall” that everyone is buzzing about. First off I want to say that I agree that any immigrants that are illegally here AND are braking the law by causing more harm then good should be sent back to whichever country they come from. If anyone else said that Im sure that no one would have a problem with that! However, we’re not just talking about anyone else; no, we’re talking about The Donald. Of course being him, he says things very bluntly and with no self editing mechanism which I can see why people can believe that he is a racist. But hey, I don’t know the guy.


635793545471485766-687661324_9       Maybe it’s just me, but here I am thinking about how big this wall. It’s going to be yuuuuuge! Also, what I want to know is how is President Trump going to pay for this? But alas, the good lord as blessed The Donald with that answer as well! Of course Mexico is going to pay! Its brilliant, why didn’t anyone else think of this!?! Oh, thats right, because it’s stupid! can he honestly think that Mexico in their right mind would ever pay for a wall!?


“Make America Great Again”. A great slogan of course. What American wouldn’t want their country to be great!? President Trump plans to bring more jobs here to America and less work over seas in China. Which is a great thing! It will boost our economy up so much and is something that most Americans have wanted for a long time!donald-trump-trademarked-a-ronald-reagan-slogan-and-would-like-to-stop-other-republicans-from-using-it

But now it’s time to dig into this. Since when has America not been great? I for one think this country definitely has its ups and downs, however I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! And in all honesty, anyone who isn’t happy here can leave and go find happiness somewhere else. What? Does that sound rude? You’re right, who in their right mind who ever want to leave their country and go to a different one because they weren’t happy, not like the piligrams did that or anything….

Whether or not you like the guy, he is going to be here for a while and the sooner you accept that the better it will be. At least we can say he will at least bring some definite change to the White House. For good or for bad…

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*special thanks to PBS News Hour and Fox for the video clips*

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