• I was able to get 5 pages and 6 posts. Truthfully, I could have posted more and been on top of it more. This class has taught me that I do not have a career when it comes to being in charge of social media/websites. However this was good information to learn and now I’m glad that I have the ability to create one!
  • Twitter was were I really dropped the ball…Before this class, I never had a Twitter account and I am not familiar with how it is run or how to use it! I was able to make a few posts on my twitter but then I was logged out automatically and did not know my log in info so I was not able to post a lot. Im also positive that my twitter account was on private so thats even better news….
  • Instagram was pretty fun for me! I was able to post all 5 pictures on my account and was able to get a few followers! I feel like some of my posts were kinda blah, as in there wasn’t really anything to catch the viewers eye. However I was able to promote on my account for my feature story.
  • Facebook and Pintrest went well. I was able to pin A LOT of picture on Pinterest as well as have a few posts on my Facebook. Also getting followers along the way.
  • Honestly, I think my feature story was great! I was able to write the required amount of text for a feature story while also adding pictures as well as a GIF. My video is something I am also really proud of! I put a lot of work in it to make sure it all comes together! Probably my favorite assignment the entire semester!
  • My Linkedin page is also good! I filled out all the information to make a successful page as well as got followers! Hopefully I can get a job out of it.