Effect and Affect: What is the Difference?

The words effect and affect are known as “commonly confused words.” Meaning that people often misuse them. So what is the difference?

Effect can be used as a noun or verb. But it is mostly used as a noun.

When using effect as a noun, it is used to show result of a cause.

  • Example: Studying for the midtern exam had a positive effect on Shannon’s grade.
  • In thisĀ  example, Shannon studying resulted in/caused her to get a good grade.

Effect can also be used as a verb meaning to bring about (as in change).

  • Example: The company will attempt to effect changes in our bylaws.
  • In this example, the company is going to bring about change.

Affect is a verb that means to influence.

  • Example: Being in love can affect a person’s judgment.
  • In this example, a person’s judgment is being influenced due to being in love.

Overall, affect is used as a verb to describe an influence over someone or something. Using effect as a noun is for showing the result of someting, and effect is only used as a verb to demonstrate cause.