Have You Thought About Attending A Literary Conference?

Many colleges and universities host undergraduate conferences for literature. A person does not need to be an English major to attend or speak at the conference.

Undergraduate literary conferences are particularly great because it allows someone still in college to share a piece of work they are proud of and have an academic discussion about their work. Conferences are also a great place to make connections for future internships or jobs.

Once again, even if a person is not an English major, it is an accomplishment to be apart of an event like this and act as an expert on your topic. It is also an impressive activity to put on a resume.

In order to find a literary conference all one needs to do is google “undergraduate literary conference” and schools looking for submissions will appear.

Overall, it is a great opportunity and a fun time.

I encourage anyone who is a strong writer and has an academic literary paper they are proud of to consider submitting their work to a literary conference.

Here is one in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania that is looking for submissions by April 14.