Is the Internet to Blame for Plagiarism? (Facebook)







              Plagiarism in the Digital Age

Trip Gabriel of The New York Times wrote an article on how the internet plays a role in making it easier for students to plagiarize their work. Students are becoming more emblazon about plagiarism and giving their teachers justifiable excuses.

So why do students think plagiarism is justifiable?

Many writing tutors and teachers believe that many students simply do not fully grasp how serious plagiarism is. The internet makes copying and pasting another person’s ideas easy. For students who grew up with the internet, the lines of authorship are blurred. Many sites contain content with no known author, which makes students believe this information is free for anyone to use and pass as their own.

The idea that copying ideas or information from the internet is a serious issue is declining. Many students do not see the big deal of copying and pasting information found on the internet into their own academic work without citing or giving credit to the source. The idea of authorship is becoming lost in the digital age.

Plagiarism has become more of an issue because many students simply are completing assignments for a grade, but they are not concerned where the content is coming from. Completing the assignment is enough for them and they believe that should be good enough for their teacher.

The internet has made plagiarism much easier, but it has also made it much easier to detect. It is important that teachers convey to their students the seriousness of plagiarism, both in an academic and real world setting. If students do not understand how serious plagiarism is then plagiarism will always be a widespread issue.


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