Mastering The Art Of Grammar


I am currently taking a grammar course because I think learning about proper grammar or even brushing up on the rules of grammar is useful. For the class, I was required to get The Prentice Hall Grammar Workbook (3rd ed.) by Jeanette Adkins. This workbook contains a multitude of lessons from what a noun is to how to properly use a semi-colon. The book is broken up into chapters and each chapter gives a mini lesson on the topic. The lessons are easy to understand and include examples. Throughout each chapter, there are exercises to help practice what each lesson is teaching. The end of the workbook contains a post-assessment test to allow users to practice all the skills learned. This grammar workbook is quite thorough, and I plan on keeping it as a reference guide. However, there are a few issues I have with this workbook. The section on punctuation is not as in-depth as I thought it would be. Th punctuation section just briefly goes over the basics, but with certain things like commas, there is so much more to know than what the workbook gives. Also, the section on commonly confused words is fairly decent, but some of the explanations for telling the difference are slightly confusing. This workbook has gotten positive reviews on Amazon and has a 4.5 star rating. I will link the Amazon reviews below as well as a link to purchase the workbook. Overall, I really like this workbook, and it is a great guide to understanding grammar which in turn will help anyone become a better writer.

Amazon Reviews

The Prentice Hall Grammar Workbook