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Trailer Commercial

Trailer Creator: John Baptiste

Movie Title: Game of Thrones

Movie Genre: Action

Length: 30 Seconds or 1:35

Scene One (2 seconds):  There is a time when a man must make choice

Scene One (5 seconds):  With dire situations comes unforeseen circumstances

Scene One (5 seconds):  When the enemy knocking on your door and no where to run

Scene One (5 seconds):  The last line of defense is you and your men

Scene One (5 seconds):  When tension is high and moods in the air

Closing (3 seconds):  You must……..


Commercial Script



Women catches her man with another women.

Women proceeds to beat up women in front of husband.

Women then beats up husband while women runs away.

Husband then just cuts wife lose and leaves her.

Person running after someone who keeps running faster.

Person is in pursuit and trying to keep up.

Person trying their best to reach the person, but cant reach them.

The person running wants out.

Is running fast to the point that they are no longer reachable.

The relationship is dead and no longer revivable.

Fighting and shout match going on in house.

If they wanted to be catch they would of ran slower.

Some times its better to let them go.

Women cries in cemetery. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 12.12.57 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 11.54.29 AM


New Project

Ad Analysis

I have selected a few ads to examine and break down to find out the meaning of it.



a. At first you would think its something else.

b. You notice the duck before you come to conclusion.

c. It turn a dirty joke into getting dirty people to buy a cleaning product.



a. You see the money doing yoga so your focus on her doing that.

b. You see the worlds donkey kick and you get the rest by the action.

c. Also the focus brings out the humor.



a. A beautiful women with a injury to the face.

b. It explains how you can be a victim to your beauty.

c. She’s also hot so it can bring questions about her injury to mind like what happened.

How Greek philosophers rhetoric can make you the ultimate liar and persuader

I have studied a lot about Greeks due to me being a actor. I studied a lot of plays and literature and was very fond of their work.


One thing about this semester that was different from the others was the difficulty of the work revolving this topic. I was always good at the art aspect of it, but not the reason or philosophy in this category.


They teach us a lot about wisdom “Sophia” and a lot about how it plays a role in becoming successful. One huge part of this that I found interesting was rhetoric.

Many people consider rhetoric to be something awful or something devastating when in fact it’s a certain type of speech making.


This revolves around being able to lie and persuade someone into believing what you’re saying or posting about is true.


We seen many forms of this such as fake news, cat fishing, trolling, and many more.


One thing is that the philosophers of their day did, was make the blue print for becoming a efficient and effective liar. They actually encouraged and help make many others throughout our times.


Now rhetoric in its self isn’t truly lying or trying to trick people, but more of camouflaging and using whit’s to deliver your message. Rhetoric is more of being clever and having style in how you make your point true or not.


Our day of age we use this more to manipulate and control conversations. We can use this to trick people or get them to believe almost anything.


One master of rhetoric is Donald Trump the 45th president of the united states. Donald Trump had ways of making speeches during his campaign which using lies won over majority of the country.


Most of the things he mention was all either made up or misinformed. Because he was a master of rhetoric, he would be able to come off as genuine to the majority of his supporters.


His rhetoric about the wall and immigrants coming from Mexico was one form of false rhetoric. Most stats point most immigrants come from Canada.


There were also the founding fathers of rhetoric. In Greece they had philosophers who were masters of this.


They also professionally taught this for cash and took on a lot of students.  They taught many forms of rhetoric that we use today.


They also can use ethos pathos and logos as a form of rhetoric, so you can make yourself seem authentic and win over anyone. These tactics and form of rhetoric encourage many liars to come in the future.


One very great liar I would say who learn from rhetoric is Makaveli Justine. He was a master of rhetoric and taught you how to do so to get far in life.


He has inspired many people such as Tupac Shakur, many politicians and other famous people. He is a inspiration to all shady people everywhere and a rock star to manipulators.


Who we tend to use rhetoric on? We usually use it on large crowds of any sort to get a point across.


We target those who are willing to listen and easy to influence. Those who want to see a future change for a certain action.


What can rhetoric do? It can cause a quick change of opinion on a subject. If we talk about a sensitive subject and use it around that time, it can change the whole topic to favor the talkers side.


It can have long term effects depending on who it is. It shown on TV all the time on how rhetoric can have a long term effect.


Where can rhetoric be used? Almost about anywhere it can be used. Its more effective where there is a large group of people around.


In court rooms, classrooms, stadiums or even gathering rooms, rhetoric has been shown to be more effective in mass gathering areas. These places make the best areas due to the amount of people and conversations that can happen.


When is the best time to use rhetoric? The best time is when people are at their most emotional states.


It’s been proven rhetoric is more effective when big events happen. When a law or a accident happens, people are in their most emotional state.


We tend to not make great decisions when we are upset or in our feelings. We are left vulnerable to many type of things and can be more influence in a state like this.


We seen on TV how trump would use the country state of being, as a means to use rhetoric to influence people to support him. To say if they choose him he will fix their issues.


Also with big incidents such as a school shooting. We seen how most would use rhetoric to either support the idea of bans for guns or go against it.


The arguments can go either way, but its proven that rhetoric is more effective during big events.


Why people tend to go with rhetoric as a means to get what they want? Majority of people will never listen or pay attention when something good.


We have a tendency to promote bad over good, which in fact makes rhetoric the best option to get people’s attention. If there is a goal to get something done or accomplished rhetoric is the best option.


It will not only bait people to listen to the topic, but force a discussion on it. This is why we have world wide discussions on certain topics.


How rhetoric effects us? Rhetoric can have a short term and long term effect on our life’s.


Rhetoric has the effect of getting people to have discussions on topics that will affect their life’s. It also has the effect to get a law pass or taken down.


It can also cause destruction as rumors or talks of rhetoric can do a lot of social damage. We learn from past users of it that it has big effects on our life’s.


Rhetoric is one of the biggest means to get any point across. It can be used to spark a conversation and a discussion of any sort.


Rhetoric I feel is one of the best means to start a conversation. Also a proven tactic to get people to listen.

Northern aliens: Around 100,000 Canadians live under the radar in U.S. as illegal immigrants

Donald Trump May Sound Like A Clown, But He Is A Rhetoric Pro Like Cicero

Visual Ad Analysis

images Tiff_cover1 images-3

    • color
    • models
    • location
    • words
    • fonts

The first picture of magazine culture is gaming. Gaming culture is very important culture as a lot of people are in the community. This magazine cover has a white background to focus on the icon on the photo. The model in the picture is Sonic the Hedgehog “my favorite game character”. As he is the face of saga and essentially Microsoft, and sub one for nintendo. Its located running to a destination and words aren’t use much in font or anywhere to get straight to point.

The second picture is of New York Tiffany Pollard “Queen of Reality tv” it has a blue back ground to make it look better. She was put on cover as everyone who’s anyone knows her as the face of reality tv and “living blueprint” of how shows should be done. She this magazine has a lot of information so thats why you see a lot of sections and words on cover.

The last magazine is a magazine for Manga with Goku on front page. This page has Goku on the front page as he is the face of anime and manga. It also has small circles of other big main characters for manga. This culture a lot of people are into it as age isn’t a big factor. There is also conventions and other things for this.  This unlike the others is a shonen jump which is a Japanese magazine which makes it unique.

The Craziest Ride Ever

1Attention Step: Get the audience’s attention by placing the problem into a context that they all can empathize with and understand.

Have you ever been in a taxi that was really annoying. Maybe it had a lot of food and smelled like liquor. Maybe your with a couple and they having fun in the back seat while your trying to enjoy the car ride. Have you ever heard unpleasant noises and sounds you can never take back. well we got the solution for you.

2Need Step:  Show that the problem exists, that it is significant, and that it cannot continue. Use statistics, examples, and/or testimonials.

Maybe your being charged a lot of money for a simple car ride up the road. Maybe there is a couple moving a lot and making lots of noises. maybe someone throwing objects or shooting at your vehicle. Maybe there is a lot of food and drinks and smells awful.

3 Satisfaction Step: Show that this need can be satisfied. Provide specific solutions for the problem, solutions that can be realized from your product.

You wont need to worry about hearing strange noises we have sound proof vehicle. We also provide a double sound system so that each section of the car can have their own music or radio station  playing at the same time.

We provide bullet proof windows so you don’t get shot at for no reason. We have the lowest rates and prices as well as we sanitize our vehicles every day. We offer free tv and news 12 for all our passengers. As well as a point system so you can earn up points for a free ride.

4 Visualization Step: Tell the audience what will happen if the solution is implemented and is not implemented. Be descriptive and detailed with your writing.

if you take advantages of our services and subscribe to us monthly there will be no need to get a car we do everything for you. You will save way more money with this service then any other service or car. If you don’t take advantage of service you will spend way more money and be more miserable and broke.

5 Action Step: Tell the audience what action they can personally undertake to resolve the problem, such as purchasing your product. This step is your call to action.

Take our services and feel like enjoy the ride. You have tv, internet, and music while you ride as well as a section of privacy so enjoy the ride.