We’ve Come so Far

Hip Hop and Rap culture have come so very far from its beginnings. Throughout the years it has has been frowned upon for causing bad behavior to being looked at as a great form of expression. The culture, the techniques used, and the followers have all grown and change to fit the times yet the roots remain. I think this is something we can all admire as music and hip hop lovers alike. They style has changed by far this is easily seen if you simply compare Nas to an artist today like lil uzi vert. Some might not like the new style saying it lacks depth and meaning but I think that it’s important to dig deeper and appropriate the music for much more than just its lyrics the tech used to make these songs has come long ways since it once began creating a unique new sound. However, there are still great artists very deeply into the roots of the industry with deep well throughout lyrics. As a culture, artists and followers alike we’ve all come so far.