10 Interesting Facts

10. I have freckles that I love!

9. I swam competitively for 6 years in high school and middle school.

8. In the summers I am a lifeguard

7. I love music of all types

6. My specific love of hip hop culture came from my parents as i grew up listening to it.

5. I’ve recently taken up photography.

4. My family is the most important thing in my life, we are very close and I value my relationship with each and every one of them.

3. Currently my “go to” song (because I cant pick a favorite) is and old school Ja Rule Always on Time ft. Ashanti

2. As much as this is about rap and R&B I listen to most every genre and do enjoy may types of music

  1. I AM AN OPEN BOOK! Just ask and you shall know

5 W’s

Who? The entire rap community i.e. rap and music enthusiasts, fans, and those working in the local music scene trying to make it.

What? The large effect that electronic music, styles and music making techniques have had on the rap culture.

When? Recently the effect that electronic music has had on the rap game has become far more noticeable

Where? Here, There, and everywhere, music has no place.

Why? Music is every where and has an influence on everyone life and personally rap music specifically is important to me and watching it evolve through the influence of other musical genres is and interesting and relevant topic.