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Blurred Lines

Dj’s, Producer, artists, fans, and almost anyone who enjoys listening to the radio might have noticed the beginning of blurring the lines between rap culture and the electronic music scene. However, The intermingling of the two genres is truly nothing new, they have always played a major role in the growing of both communities. Hot 97’s very own Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg and, Laura Stylez, all commented of the joining of the two genres shocked almost at the fact that the music was made on the computer. Dj’s have been more and more frequently making mixes and re-producing some of their favorite songs. Often times in night clubs with a featured Dj, the Disc jockey will take it upon himself to mix some of the most popular songs together with electronic beats and sound influences. For those who are not avid listeners to rap music, it is still easy to see a difference in the style of music in other genres as well. As I began to interview my friend with a wide range in taste of music almost all of them noticed a least a small change in the music they listened to. Danielle Valentin said in her interview that she noticed a change but she does not appropriate it she explains that rap is losing its poetic value and focusing more on what the song sounds like as opposed to what the song is saying. I couldn’t agree more in that music is changing but not necessarily for the good but not exactly for the worst its just evolving. But what do you think

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