X-Tech Pads The Company Revolutionizing Football

Hidden in the back of a dirt road in East Hanover, New Jersey is a small business park. In this business park resides a company that is changing the game of football as we know it. This company is called X-Tech Shoulder Pads.

X-Tech Pads is an up and coming shoulder pad that is taking the football world by storm. A once defunct shoulder pad company that has been brought back to life by it’s creators Ted Monica and Bob Broderick. Teddy creates every pad by hand which makes it 100% American made and Bob travels the country selling the pads to different coaches and organizations.

In 2013 the two men sat down and wondered if they could get this business off the ground to now in 2018 having 30 out of 32 NFL teams and 360 college programs nationwide using their shoulder pad as well as 7 CFL teams.

When I asked Bob how he came up with the idea to start up X-Tech he told me ” Ted Monica came to me and told me that he was thinking of starting it up again and with his skills of making shoulder pads and my marketing and sales experience we could really make a great company.”

Bob went on to tell me that Monica is comparable “to the Steve Jobs of protective equipment. He is a genius.”

Pictured is Ted Monica and Bob Broderick with their X-Tech shoulder pad commemorating their 5 years of service.
Pictured is Ted Monica and Bob Broderick with their X-Tech shoulder pad commemorating their 5 years of service.

I asked Bob what makes this pad so special and he told me “well we are the only shoulder pad that allows you to have full range of motion, as well as the only pad company that has military grade foam in it.”

Bob went on to tell me that he actually googled best protective foam one day looking for a foam company to use and he stumbled upon XRD Foam which is used in our armed forces equipment. When I asked Bob how hard was it to pitch this idea to use their foam in the shoulder pad he told me “they laughed at us at first, but once we made our presentation in front of them they were sold on the spot.”

So once the pad was made I asked Bob how hard was it to sell the pads to different programs and teams he went on to tell me that ” it was tough at first especially since teams didn’t give us a chance to pitch it, but the teams that we were able to pitch it too were sold right away and we were able to create a foundation.” He explained that having Ted Monica with him was a huge boost as well ” he is so well-known in the football world that coaches and teams were begging to see our presentation.”

On a radio interview with Scott Ferrall on Ferrall on the Bench Bob told a story about their presentation with the legendary head coach and current coach of the Ohio St. Buckeyes Urban Meyer.

Once the word spread out about X-Tech Pads teams were calling Bob to set-up meetings just to get a look at the company that was taking the football world by storm. Many teams were impressed and they were even more impressed when X-Tech tested number 1 at the NFL Equipment Combine.

Here is a look at Odell Beckham Jr holding his custom X-Tech shoulder pads.
Here is a look at Odell Beckham Jr holding his custom X-Tech shoulder pads.

With teams knocking at the door asking for a look at the pads so were players around the NFL. X-Tech has the best of the best in football wearing their pads and raving about them as well. With the likes of Odell Beckham Jr, Eli Manning, Julian Edelman, and Josh Norman the sky is the limit for this company from northern New Jersey.

With all of this notoriety there have been other sports knocking at the door as well. Bob admits to me that several hockey teams have even reach out to him about creating a custom hockey shoulder pad. Broderick shared that the Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the teams showing major interest. I asked him if he thinks he will be in another sport besides football one day, he admitted to me “absolutely”

A look at Eli Manning's custom shoulder pads.
A look at Eli Manning’s custom shoulder pads.

Bob continues to work tirelessly to promote the pads, going on different shows and appearing at different events to keep increasing popularity among the football world. X-Tech is growing rapidly and is on the fast track to success and being the number 1 shoulder pad in football and possibly being involved in other sports.

Ted Monica, Bob Broderick, and X-Tech Pads are the next big thing in football and are on their way to being the kings of protective equipment in a sport that generates billions of dollars.

Ted Monica and Bob pictured with X-Tech spokesman Muhammed Wilkerson
Ted Monica and Bob Broderick pictured with X-Tech spokesman and Jets defensive lineman Muhammed Wilkerson.