Feature Story

Success Perspective

     The aspect of success may be of greater importance than you imagined. For everyone success is defined by one’s own desires and values. Which explains why the approach people take to reach success may differ even more. One thing can be certain though. Everyone in some way shape or form wants success.

Darren Owens, the first to be interviewed, is an aspiring Physical Trainer who wishes to open his own business. He possesses limitless potential, but is having trouble honing his skills. His success perspective still seems to be in the infantile stage. Most people would look at this as a liability, but what most fail to realize is that during the infantile stage of development the primary “job” is to absorb information. If one can truly comprehend this, and work toward obtaining that success perspective success will be as second nature as walking or speaking.

Perspective is what separates the hardworking middle class man from someone who is beloved, and well regarded for his success. Most people tend to get a job, and look for a steady source of income. These same people usually fail to realize that although they have steady income, they don’t capitalize on the many ways one can obtain more income. How can you expect to move forward when your source of income remains stagnant.

Jaylen Bond , the second speaker has obtained the basic idea of success already, but is looking to further that success. This mindset of continuously looking for ways to get better is pivotal in the path to success. The way the speaker talks about looking to “get better everyday” really speaks volume to the type of perspective you should have when trying to obtain success.

Many people overlook the fact that their “circle” of friends is vital in the path to success. The connections you make will affect you for the rest of your life. Although I can’t tell you to hang out with, see the perspective in hanging out with people who have already achieved a goal you have in mind.