I Did The Big Chop!!! :O

I’ve wanted to go natural for about two years now, but it just never worked out for me. The first time I tried was my sophomore year of college and BOY THAT WAS A DISASTER!

I called myself “clipping my ends” every week not realizing I was just making myself bald lmaooo. Then I didn’t really know about protective styles so I wasn’t doing the necessary to keep the dead hair the least bit healthy so it could grow. I did everything wrong. So moral of the story, I permed my hair again.

Then my senior year, at the beginning of 2018, I decided enough is enough- I’m going natural. It was pretty easy at first considering I was away at school so getting my hair done (using heat) wasn’t a factor since I only got my hair done at home. So this time, I did some research and learned to go natural the “right” way. No heat, no perms, just protective styles, deep conditioning and eliminating products that had harmful chemicals.

I did that for about 4 months. Then after getting box braids for the first time ever in life this summer (yeah, I know, I dragged it), I did some stupid shit and washed my hair without detangling it first. SO MY HAIR BROKE TF OFF!!! I was sick. I mean, I wasn’t THAT mad because it was just dead ends anyway, but still, I lowkey still liked my dead hair.

Anyway, after realizing that there was no point in saving dead hair that was 1. going to slow down the growing process and 2. was going to need to be cut anyway, I decided to just cut it off. Boy, were my parents LIVID. But this isn’t about them, so they’ll be aight.

So here you go- this is my hair before the chop.

After the chop:

As you can see, I still have ways to go in my journey, but I’m trusting in the process. July 30th makes a month since I cut it and I feel like I already see growth. I will keep you guys posted.

Thanks for reading!