Joga Bonito

Soccer is not just any sport.  There is an unexplainable safe haven within this sport that trickles down to each and every player, fan, staff, and place in which not just 11 players come together but a whole army as one to overcome any hardships or adversity in the way.  A world beyond this world we are in.  This sport teaches every aspect of life in multiple ways and once seen/learned could be anyone’s home away from home.  Emotions that are uncontrollable sometimes getting the best out of anyone involved.  This game that has life around the globe, everywhere and anywhere being watched, played, and talked about.  Ranging from all ages and sizes is the real beauty of this.  You do not need to be a certain height and weight, or come from a certain place, have and education to be able to succeed and play at a high level.  Every player, fan, staff member has their own beautiful journey that just breathes confidence and motivation to continue.  To always have hope, always have faith.  Anything can happen on any given day, there is nothing more breathtaking and relieving than overcoming what many and most seem to think of as the impossible.    The game is simple, but playing simple can sometimes be the hardest thing to do.

All over the world… 2:38-3:15.