La mia vita

Darkness falls on a warm September nights

Lights are shining bright like the stars

Upon the field, I see a passion of mine take flight

The whistle blows

Legs start to go

Running as fast, faster , the fastest I can go.

Will it be my time?

My time to shine?

Time to climb my way to the top?

Blood is shed among this battle field.

A gruesome game is such an appeal

As the clock ticks its final marks,

I give myself a running start.

This ball that is wanted by all who come to play.

Come flying my way.

Today’s the day,

The day I throw the fear of losing away,

I am the best.

I am speed.

I am me.

As the final whistle blows,

My cleat caresses the ball oh so carefully.

There it goes

One for the books

As everyone looks

That moment that makes my heart race,

That puts a smile on my face


A passion, a sport, a lifestyle

What shapes me.