Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles Released

adiran peterson and jamal charles
(Pro Bowl Running Backs Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson were released by their respected teams on Tuesday morning, picture is by Sports Battles.)

This could come as a surprise to many but others could say they saw this coming, early Tuesday morning the Kansas City Chiefs have released 4-TIME Pro Bowl RB Jamaal Charles. Jamaal Charles has been a very productive running back while he is on the field and is a big part of the Chiefs offense but injuries have taken a huge part in his career and has caused him to miss serious time over the past couple of seasons. This is the second consecutive season that Jamaal Charles has been placed on injured reserve and has done little to nothing in helping the chiefs with their most recent success. In the 2011 season Jamaal Charles tore his ACL and missed that season as well. In the last 5 seasons of football Jamaal has only been healthy for 2 of those seasons, this doesn’t make teams confident in signing him because they don’t know if he will be able to stay on the field or not. This is also the main reason the Kansas City Chiefs decided to go their separate way with Jamaal Charles, because of injuries. Another move which took place early Tuesday morning was the Minnesota Vikings releasing Pro Bowl RB Adrian Peterson. Similar to Jamaal, Adrian has had many injuries which caused him to miss much time the last couple of seasons. Peterson is coming off of seasons where he has been suspended for an off field incident and has torn both his ACL and MCL, this could make him a liability on the field instead of an asset. Releasing these two players was a good move on both of these teams part. With it being unsure if both of these two players will be able to stay healthy it wouldn’t make sense for the teams to resign them it would be better for them to go somewhere else. Peterson has proven that he can come back from injury which is why it could be a good idea for the Giants to sign him even though he is asking for 10 million dollars a season. The price might be a little high but if Peterson is everything he has proved himself to be in the past it will be a well spent 10 million dollars. Charles on the other hand, has not proven himself after an injury and is still in question on whether he will ever be the same again. He will get another chance in the NFL it will just be with a different team. Charles is too much of a risk and I don’t imagine the Giants making an attempt to sign him but another team such as the Browns, Jaguars, or 49ers all could give Charles a nice offer. “Adrian is an important part of the Minnesota Vikings organization, we will continue to have conversations with his representatives and leave our future options open while determining what is best for both parties moving forward,” said Viking General Manager Rick Spielman. Peterson future is still questionable but being in Giants blue next season is a possibility.