Make the Case

The post that I like is found on the official Facebook account for the New York Giants. The name of the post is called Make the Case: OT Cam Robinson and DE Solomon Thomas. I like this article because it gives us a look at what players the team could possibly draft and it allows us as fans to follow along or look up our own research about these players. This article gives the fans the opportunity to follow the team and know more about the team. This article is very intriguing because the Giants must find ways to improve their offensive line and the defensive line. With Jason Pierre-Paul becoming a free agent this year, the Giants have to look past him just in case they aren’t able to resign him. Jason is asking for nearly $80 million, which makes it a very high possibility he isn’t going to get resigned. If JPP is lost to the free agent market drafting defensive end Solomon Thomas would help add more pass rushing on the edge. Thomas had a total of 62 tackles, 15 of those tackles were tackles for a loss, 2 fumble recoveries, and 8 sacks. Solomon might not have a big impact on the game in his rookie season like JPP did but his stats from last season shows us that he has a lot of promise and a lot of talent. As Solomon gets older he will only continue to grow and get better which could make him worth a first round pick by the New York Giants.  The Giants running game has been weak for the past 3 seasons and with offensive linemen Erick Flowers not living up to his potential of the player the Giants thought he was gonna be means he could get cut by the team, his positioned switched, or he could even get benched. If any one of these things were to happen the Giants could put their attention on OT Cam Robinson out of Alabama. Robinson has started in all 43 games in his college career, this is a good sign cause it shows us as fans and the Giants that he is able to stay healthy and will be available week after week. Adding Robinson will improve the pass protection for Eli Manning and allow for him his throws. Improving the pass game allows for teams to run the ball more successfully so drafting Robinson could also improve the run game. Cam Robinson and Solomon Thomas are both two young players who have the ability to impact or change the outcome of a game. If both players are on the board when the Giants draft, be on the look out for one of these two players because with talent like theirs it will be hard to pass up on a player with such talent. If you would like to visit my Facebook page please click the link provided.  Facebook Page.