I feel like the post I did were good interesting topics. From a fans perspective I targeted a lot of areas I feel the team needed improvement on such as the running game and blocking on the offensive line. In the post I gave examples of players who I believed could benefit the Giants such as Andrew Whitworth and Adrian Peterson. Even though my prediction were not right I still feel like I gave good quality content in my post which allowed the reader to understand what needed to be improved on the team. My post could have been better because I could have given more statistical information such as how much the team could offer to pay each player and just their career stats which would be reasons as to why the Giants should have signed them. My pages could have been better because I feel like I did not put anything on the page, such as an image or video, that will grab the viewers attention and what them to continue looking at my site, however my pages are good because they provide interesting post and options to get to my social media account to look for other news. Overall I am happy with the cumulative total of published post and pages.

I could have completed the twitter weeks more effectively by starting the post on time. I waiting till late at night to post my tweet and would have to wait 12 hours to post my other tweet. My first tweet was done well after 1 A.M. which was a mistake cause 1 post every 12 hours means at 1 in the morning every day I would need to post and I would not be awake so I would never post. For the times I did post I feel like I didn’t follow up the tweets to keep the viewers informed on one topic, I would say something and than in the next post I would move on to something completely different. My tweets would also be better if I informed the viewers on signings as they happening so I can keep my followers alerted as quickly as possible. I could have also completed my tweets and kept twitting just to keep my followers posted on moves the Giants are making this very minute.

I could have created the Instagram week more effectively by adding more pictures that have more meaning to it. Instagram is all about interesting pictures so I feel like I could have posted pictures that grab the viewers attention more so it will make them want to look at more of my Instagram page. I could have also added more pictures after I reached the minimum. It is very important to keep followers updated so more pictures posted would have been better for my page. I could have also gave better captions that help describe the picture better.

I could have completed the Facebook week much more effectively than how I did it, I made one post on my page that had a horrible caption which did not grab the attention of any of my followers. My caption should have made people want to visit my site, instead I feel like I did the opposite. Also since I only posted once onto my Facebook I failed at keeping all of my followers updated which is terrible because most of them could have never even seen my original post and would never know about my website so I failed at getting my website across Facebook. For Pinterest I could have pinned more pictures that capture the history of New York sports. New York is filled with great sports history all the way from the Yankees to the Giants to the Rangers and I didn’t target these important past times enough. I also feel like I pinned pictures of the same things so it was repetitive at times.

My feature story could be done more effectively by describing the story in more depth. I could have broken the story down into more pieces with more information to make it seem like you are reliving that moment while reading it. I could have also added more pictures or videos that have to do with the story in order to make it feel like its coming to life. Also looking and seeing pictures or images helps you get a better image or understand of what you are reading.

My linkedin page could be done more effectively by setting up my resume to make it look professional and interesting, I should have also connected with a lot more people because it is very important to make connects and branch out. Linked in is a good way to network and I could have taken better advantage of this. I could have also put some information about myself just so I can give other a little information about myself to allow them to get a feel for the type of person I am and to give them a chance to get to know me. Providing information will allow someone to see if they are interested in connecting with me so adding information about myself would have been very beneficial.

I do not feel like I completed the course exercises effectively, however I feel for the work I did do I did i good job on it. My information on my topics were good, I feel like it gave the reader the opportunity to understand what was going on and allowed them to understand where I was coming from and why I felt certain ways about what the team should do. I could have done every single course exercise better if I had just been more willing to put in more time.

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