professional puff?

Natural hair is something that has created much controversy regarding if it is professional or not many people have some different ways of expressing how they feel because one of the biggest assets is hair. The real question is “Does coming in with your natural hair have an affect on whether you land the job or not?”  When asking other women everyone had different thoughts on the matter. Both natural headeprof puffd beauties and women of all hair textures did not agree and really had to think about the question on how one should go to an interview. Women of all colors and ages have different hair types but many professional companies do not really agree with the look. When questioning women who wear their hair natural in the workplace I did receive much different takes my cousin Yari that actually introduced me to wearing my hair natural who does, in fact, wear her natural hair often does not wear her hair out at work. Her job as an accounting for a meat company is very much, in fact, hands-on and does not allow her to wear her hair out. When going to the interview for the job Yari actually wore her hair natural and after getting the job she received an email about how she should properly wear her hair. She also told me that after she received the email she was glad to have received the job but was not pleased with having to not be able to wear her hair how she wanted to. In another incident, my cousin Kiana had a similar experience with the professional world and not being able to wear her natural hair. When interviewing her she speaks on having pressure to straighten her hair and only being labeled as the “curly headed” girl.

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