hi, im not a poet.

hi, I am not a poet
I am hurt in ways the word hurt is not described
I mean no, I am not
I mean yes I am
I mean sometimes I am
no this is not hurt this is me
Hi, I am not a poet… I am a girl or a women or a student or whatever
not good at pronouncing  words, you see?
have a accent and a lisp, you see?
yes I am fat or overweight or not skinny or whatever
to my mother I love you & I’m sorry
To my father…. you don’t know that I hide, you don’t know the sex  I am attracted to inside
to my grandmother thank you
Because of all of you
 i am Hilarie
spelled with an i e not a y
The Spanish heritage is what made me
And even if I live with my dad he doesn’t know my tongue game
I mean
Hola como esta
And no I am no where near shy
I speak from the mind but not from the heart
You see, It doesn’t really make me heartless I could never play that part
sometimes I may be  funny but the jokes always on me
I realized I was me when I fell in love with a she
But ultimately she was not meant to be, nor were the others that cummed I mean came… along the way
The rainbow was as colorful as their faces as I went down on them
Oh the enjoyment to see their bodies bend
Many summer romances that never got to blossom
And their flowers I have popped
Like the homosexual deep in me
She was rare & different and didn’t know what she wanted
She was with a he messing with a she
I repeat she was with a he messing with a she
Oh but I’m a bitch? Or butch? I get lost in between the two
The type that won’t give a fuck who She kissed and dissed
And to the girl I fucked the other day I’m sorry but you’re not meant to stay
But hi, I’m Hilarie and I am not a poet
I am more of a teller
I am more of a human who’s been through some shit
I am more of a girl who’s trying to find herself without seeming lost
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