Music to my Ears

i play her like a violin slowly i pick the right keys & hear her moans sound like beetvans 5th
the audience is just me but the symphony of her sounds came and i do mean came with a standing ovation & all it did was play her faster
she is my Maria and I, i am the santana to her Westside story
The coldness of her heart shaped box takes me to nirvana
I am so dazed and confused
the women on here don’t know how to pick and choose
and I, i picked women I never bargain for it’s like a stairway to heaven and I, i will reference all the led zeppelin if it means you’ll rock & roll your way back to me
you’re my dd, my dirty diana, my valarie please come back to me
& i, i will a cross cold waters to see you smile right back at me
you are my bad religion
so please understand my vision
but tonight tonight I will be up all night to get lucky & no LLs will be taken like pharrells name
what a shame that my curly hair couldn’t tangle her vains closer to me
but that’s just the way you move & im getting into the grove
but now you, you can suck my cockiness while i continue to lick your persuasion
because 1 plus 1 makes a perfect equation
let me be your kanye, yes be my wendy with so much soul, known i was gay since i was 3 years old
& if i were a boy i think you would understand
but never been a big male fan
& yes she said she wants my sins
& yes i am going for the win
it’s like day & night & its time for me to have my own solo
& the guitar strings that tied her and I together was like a test
mic check 1, 2, 1, 2
& it’s no longer me & you.

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