I would be true to the essence of my business by giving my brand a distinct voice. I want to build trust with my followers by letting them know that I am personable, social, and pleasant. Other qualities are, relatable, consistent, creative, responsive.

The idea is to be an influencer, so it starts with being likeable. I care about the niches in the market so I would be genuine and passionate.

My tone will have a distinct persona which will infuse my content. It will also lend a face to my company.

Every message conveyed will be optimistic to help build a personal connection to the personality of my brand, which in hindsight makes my followers more receptive of my message.

 It starts with being friendly, and down to earth. The overall outcome is to have a humanizing effect on my brand because the tone is going to be key factor to building credibility and trust.

I would engage my followers by responding on social media. I find that most success occurs when you give feedback. This is a way to give love back to your followers, which causes them to hit the like button, repost and continuously follow.

I would engage my followers through Instagram stories, live videos, email marketing and giveaways. I can build a platform by asking Q & A questions, something in the realm of “ask me anything”. Becoming an active listener helps my followers to understand I take their insight seriously.

 I’d welcome the positive energy of all the newcomers. Lastly, I feel it is important to be engaging, no matter the size. I am sure as time goes on and the business grows it will be difficult to directly respond.

I would hire a public relations person who’d be responsible for responding to the followers and staying up on concerns and ideas.