Playing Football Again


Ryan is at every game to support his team

The Steeler’s season may be over, but there is one player still fighting a very important battle.  The middle linebacker Ryan Shazier suffered a spinal injury in December and has been making slow progress on his road to recovery.

While Ryan Shazier was playing football he got hurt and wasn’t able to play for the rest  of the season. He was injury on December 4, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He suffered  a serious injury that day.  The fans saw when he went  down he began to reach for his back like he was in extreme pain. This happened when he went to go tackle the other player on the other team.

On December 4th, after Ryan Shazier’s tackle  attempt, he immediately reached for the middle of his back and stayed down on the field. Eventually he was strapped to a backboard and put on the back of a cart and taken to the locker room.

 Ben with Ryan’s jersey on his shoulder.

After Ryan got  hurt, every game after this day some of the players wore a shirt under their jersey with his number on it and Ben would come out with Ryan’s jersey draped on his shoulder.

Shazier started rehabilation days after undergoing surgery, and he’s been healthy enough to make it to the team’s practice facility for meetings. He’s still very much a part of the Steelers, even if he never takes the field again.

Ryan Shazier with Ben  Roethlisberger in Rehab

On Feb 1st, Shazier posted the most encouraging sign of his recovery to that date with a picture that appeared to show him standing  with support from teammate Ben Roethlisberger.


This was the hospital that Ryan stayed at when he got hurt

On that same day, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center released a statement saying that Shazier was discharged from inpatient rehab and will transition into an outpatient program to continue his recovery.

After talking with my dad about this with my dad he said, ” That this was a great topic to talk about.”

“This is something big with that the Steelers are going through.”

“After Ryan got hurt the Steelers played for him every game after he got hurt..”

“They were on a ten week winning streak before Ryan got hurt but then they played the Patriots and then lost their streak.”

“I hope that Ryan will be able to play again because he is a great player for the Steelers.”

“It will be a little upsetting if he doesn’t play again but he will be at every game to support the team.”