Welcome Photo Lovers!


Welcome to my website! Photography has been a passion of mine for years. I believe photos are meaningful and worth so much value. Photos allow you to reflect on past memories or even help you view the simple beauties in life.

Every week 2-3 pictures will be upload. Photo content will feature my everyday life including my dance studio, my high school sports team, and nature walks. While others will feature the breathtaking landscape of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Each photo will include a short story of the reasons why I captured the photo and its location.

Along with photographs other sections of my website will include popular locations in NYC where you can capture stunning pictures. These locations will include all five boroughs and Westchester county. Other sections will include reviews of cameras, lenses, and editing programs any beginner photographer can use.

Above is a picture I took on my vacation to Dominican Republic in the summer of 2016. The picture was taken on a beach called Macao Beach. My family and my best friend spent a day on a dune buggy tour. We took dune bugs throughout different towns and at the end went to a beautiful beach. There were different vendors selling bracelets, shells, and shirts. I walked over to a vendor selling conch shells and couldn’t resist to snap a picture of them lined up perfectly. It was truly a day to remember.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and I can’t wait to share my passion with you :)