My Time in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico, the country where my grandparents grew up. My second home. In 2015, I had the pleasure to go back to where it all started for my grandparents and ancestors. Both sets of my grandparents grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to New York when they were 15-16. Though there time there was short their brothers and sisters still remained on the island. They always enrich me with the island culture. My mother was always sent back to PR during the summer times since she was 12. She always tells me stories of her and her cousins running around helping out my great grandma, feeding the chickens, and exploring.

I myself have visited the island two times. I would love to go back every summer to visit my cousins. Since my last visit I felt enriched with my culture; music, food, dance, and language. I do not speak fluent Spanish but my parents do. Since I am getting older I am noticing more and more that I should be proud of where my family came from.

Present day I take salsa classes and am brushing up on my Spanish skills. One day I would hope to speak fluently until then I will keep on practicing.

The picture above was one I was most proud of. It features the Puerto Rican flag on a rainy August morning. My family and I were heading to an off coast island of Puerto Rico called Culebra, which means snake in Spanish. As I was taking this picture I could not help but smile at the fact of how proud I am to be 100% Puerto Rican. The island is truly beautiful and I hope everyone gets a chance to visit one day.