My town: Mamaroneck, NY


I always grew up living in Westchester County,NY. I originally grew up in an urban area of Westchester called Yonkers. I spend most of my childhood and early adolescences there. When I was going into 8th grade in 2011, I moved 20 minutes north to a town called Mamaroneck. I did not want to leave my childhood home but I am truly grateful I did. I attended Rye Neck Middle/High School.

My 8th grade year I had a culture shock. Coming from an urban/city life to the suburbs was much different. It took a while to adjust but thankfully I bonded with my softball teammates who are still my friends till this day. I flourished in high school and made amazing friendships with faculty, staff, and students. My graduating class was 107 students so all my classmates were my friends. Looking back I am so grateful my parents relocated to a different and amazing community. I am even more grateful my younger brother can have my same teachers in high school coming up in the Fall. It should be a breeze for him 😉

Mamaroneck is a fairly small town and we are a close knit community. We all know each other’s business but it always leads for entertainment. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.