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National Geographic Facebook Post

The post above was helpful because it was simple and straight forward. The post was created by National Geographic, which does daily posts that includes a “Photo of the Day”. The post contained a brief description of what was being captured in the photograph which is a Japanese snow monkey and the post even includes the location of where the photo was taken. Included in the post is a link connecting users directly to the National Geographic website where viewers can further explore content. Within the link attached to the post viewers can see other “Photo of the Day” posts from previous days, weeks, and even months that are thrown into a photo gallery. I believe the post is creative because there was not a lot of information to confuse viewers, rather it was straight to the point. Included in the post was the hashtag “#Photography” which promotes what the post is about and allows for viewers to find similar topics.

The post could have been more effective if they used a different hashtag than just using the broad one of Photography. Searching through the #Photography hashtag on Facebook is a little confusing. A different branding strategy could have been a better idea. Possibly including a “PhotooftheDay” hashtag instead of writing out the word “Photo of the Day”. All in all the Facebook post was genuinely creative and would attract many viewers.

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