Analysis of Sirui T-1005X 5-Section Aluminum Tripod


Sirui – Photo

Thinking about purchasing a tripod? A tripod is used to elevate and hold a camera. Through the B&H Photography/Video website one of the highest rating and most reviewed tripod was the “Sirui T-1005X 5-Section Aluminum Tripod”. Going for only $94.95 you can purchase this compact tripod that can hold up to 22 lbs. Most cameras that beginner photographers will purchase will weigh no more than 5 lbs. Of course adding lenses and other equipment to the camera will cause it to weigh more but for the most part no camera should weigh more than 20lbs. The ability of this tripod to hold this weight is helpful. Many comments leave reviewers to see that the Tripod is compact and can collapse up to 13.4 inches which allows them to take the tripod on the go. Other qualities that Sirui claims is “The tripod’s center column is reversible, and the T-1005X comes with a short center column so that you can set up extremely close to the ground for ultra-low-angle shooting. With the short center column installed, you can set the legs at their wide angle (80°) and shoot from only 5.1″ from the ground.”

According to people who have purchased this Tripod they are more than satisfied saying the price itself is worth purchasing because you will be getting your monies worth. Many reviewers say that the Tripod is so light carrying it out to take nature photographs is not a hassle. Others claim it perfectly supports the weight of their cameras.

On the flip side a critical review of the tripod the reviewer claims that when they extended the legs of the tripod (making it taller or shorter) the twist lock keeping the legs in a certain place broke off. The reviewer says that the legs are thin and flimsy which can be problematic if the tripod was dropped.

All and all the tripod has over 40 reviews showing customers how effective and useful the tripod has been to them. The price itself along with customer reviews is very convincing. This tripod seems like a wonderful piece of equipment for beginner and professional photographers.

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