All Photos tell a Story

Since my websites content is all things Photography below show how important photographs are and how the can speak a thousand words and tell a story just from looking at it.

The Love of Humanity


The picture above shows triplets who have created a special bond with there towns garbage men. The children wait for the garbage men every Tuesday and Friday morning providing them with food and drinks. The children eagerly wait outside to talk on “Garb day”. The garbage men love speaking with the children and always spare 10 minutes to speak to their biggest fans.


Philippines Prison


Jails in the Philippines have become very overcrowded forcing prisons to be bunched up together. In the picture above it shows a Jail commonly used for 800 prisoners is now being forced to hold close to 4,000 inmates. The photographer Noel Celis has been exposing prisons throughout the country to show their mistreatment.

Things will get better in Time


The photo above shows the destruction of Aleppo, Syria. In December 2016 bombs were dropped on the city leaving it in ruins. Many innocent people lost their lives and those who were lucky to not die basically were left with nothing. Buildings, homes, and businesses were ruined due to the constant war going on around citizens.

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