Out of Chicago Photography Conference


The Out of Chicago Photography Conference will be held June 23-25 in the University Center of Chicago. This conference includes over 30 instructors who will speak about the aspects of photography but it will also include classes, photowalks, panel discussions, and workshops from world famous photographers. Many workshops and classes give you hands on instructions to become a better photographer and they will even have walking tours of the city for those who attend to capture its true beauty! Photographers will also have many opportunities¬†to meet with photographers and make connections with them. You can even possibly show them your own work and gain great tips to be even better. Tickets run at about $349 for the 3 days but this event is definitely¬†a must for photographers wanting to get more material for their portfolio and even get a chance for younger photographers to check out colleges in the “Windy City” even meet with some professors and ask if the instructors have any other connections outside of Chicago.

This event seems truly inspiring and I hope to attend one day!!

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