Best Locations to Photograph in Westchester County: Featured Story

Title: Best Locations to Photograph in Westchester County

Who- I will be researching and traveling to find the best locations to photograph.

What- I will research and film different locations in Westchester County that I believe is “photo worthy”

When- Over the course of a week.

Where- I will travel around Northern and Southern Westchester.

Why- I’m a young photographer who lives in Westchester County. I’m very prideful of where I live and would like its capture it’s true beauty.

How- I will research and go out to different parks, trails, and lakes in Westchester County

I’m going to: film the different locations I chose and then I will also video chat my cousin who is a professional photographer and interview him about places I have photographed and if he has ever visited there and show him my pictures to have his intake.

Photography Ideas:

  • Glen Island Park (Tuckahoe), Manor Park (Larchmont), Marshlands (Rye), John D. Rockfeller’s Estate:┬áKykuit (Sleepy Hollow), Yonkers Raceway, Anthony’s Nose (end of Westchester),


  1. Manor Park
  2. Marshlands
  3. Glen Island Park
  4. Kykuit; Sleepy Hollow
  5. Hilltop Hanover Farm

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