Top 5 Locations to Photograph in Westchester County

I have lived in Westchester County my entire life and throughout the years I have visited different locations through my wonderful county and have decided to give you my top 5 locations to photograph in the county and tips of what to photograph on your trip. This list goes in no specific order but Manor Park is my favorite location.

1. Manor Park – Larchmont, NY

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Gazebo & Long Island Sound – Photographed by Melanie Garcia

First up on the list is the beautiful Manor Park which is located in Larchmont, NY. Manor Park contains 13 acres of land which includes water along the Long Island Sound, gazebos, rocks and scenic pathways. The picture above is taken at one of the “hottest locations” to photograph which is of the gazebo. The gazebo sits right near the water which allows photographers to capture the calmness and pure beauty of the park.

The best season to visit the park would be Spring and Summer because for starters everyone would be out and about, the colors of the grass and trees will be vibrant, and it would be a lovely time to take a stroll around the park. Also the sunsets during these seasons are just phenomenal!

Photographers everywhere should take the opportunity to visit my number one location if they enjoy photographing people in nature; you can have a beautiful photoshoot against the rocks near the water, and just at the gazebo watching the water against the sunset. If they also enjoy simple photography; meaning you can find inspiration for a picture everywhere you look.

2. Marshlands Conservancy – Rye, NY

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Ruined Estate – Photographed by Row House Sparrows

Second on the list is one of my favorite locations Marshlands Conservancy in Rye, NY. The Marshlands Conservancy is a large wildlife sanctuary bordering the Mamaroneck harbor (water flowing in from the Long Island Sound) with a visitor center and 3 miles of hiking paths. The picture taken above is the remains of what was once a large estate. What is left of the estate is a fireplace.

The best season to visit the park would be the Fall. It is not too warm not too cold so photographers who are willing can explore the miles of trail. Personally I have walked one trail which led me to the broken fireplace. Strange to say but the fireplace is eerily beautiful. The history attached to this object goes back more than a hundred years.

Photographers who enjoy walking trails and the will to explore new locations this is the place for you. If you want to snap some photos that will be memorable I would take a walk down on of the trails to find the fireplace which is right near the edge of the harbor. There are also different kinds of birds, plants, and trees for photographers that have interest in those specific areas. The Marshlands take number two on my list because it is truly a calming experience to take a walk alone and capture many photos of different aspects of the conservancy.

3. Glen Island Park – New Rochelle, NY


Glen Island Wedding – Photographed by W Studios NY

Third on the list is Glen Island Park in New Rochelle, NY. Glen Island is a 105-acre park, located on Glen Island, on the Long Island Sound. The park is owned by Westchester County meaning if you want to access the park you must live in the county. The park contains scenic views of the water and is a wedding hot spot.

Countless weddings have been thrown at this location because the park also contains Glen Island Harbour Club, a wedding venue. The best season to visit the park would be the Summer. Every one in the county ADORES this park because of its small beach, walking paths, and a castle which contains the Harbour Club.

The castle is one of the most photographed locations in the park because of large stature and beauty in its stone work. Photographers looking to have top notch wedding photos and even prom photos should check out this location to have a background against the water. My junior prom was hosted at the Harbour Club and all the prom photos turned out amazing.

4. The Rockefeller Estate – Sleepy Hollow, NY

kykuit_slide1_1Kykuit: Rockefeller Estate – Photographed by Historic Hudson Valley

Fourth on the list is The Rockefeller Estate, or Kykuit, in Sleepy Hollow, NY. The Rockefeller Estate was owned by John D. Rockefeller which includes 40 room National Trust. The estate is best known for its architecture, beautiful gardens, and rich history.

The best time to visit the estate would be in the spring or summer to watch the flowers in the garden bloom. There are also walking tours of the estate allowing photographers to have a chance to capture the important details.

Photographers who enjoy connecting a photo to his history would have a nice experience at the estate. Being able to capture architectural detail and old carvings of the home and even older aspects of the garden portion of the estate would leave photographers detailed pictures. This estate is truly breathtaking and is worth the trip.

5. Yonkers Raceway

01racing-span-articleLargeYonkers Raceway – Photographed by New York Times

Fifth on my list is Yonkers Raceway in Yonkers, NY. The raceway is a one of Yonkers oldest attractions which contains a half-mile harness-racing track and a casino. Growing up my grandfather loved bringing me here to watch the old tradition of horse racing.

The best time to visit the raceway would be in the summer. There are hundreds of people who come out for races. For a photographers point of view the best things to capture would be the horses racing and the way people react if the horse they bet on won.

Going with my grandfather to the raceway was one of the best memories I have to be able to bring your family to this location will not only leave for beautiful taken photos of a track that has been around for many years but it will also create memories.

Here is a brief interview with my cousin, Stephen Alvarado, who runs his own photography business. He loves street photography and anything candid. He was truly fascinated with my article and would love to come up to visit me from his home in Brooklyn to shoot pictures at the above location.

The questions I asked go as followed:

  1. Explain background of yourself and why you started photography
  2. What he enjoys shooting
  3. His favorite place to photograph and why

Interview with Stephen

Below is the interview with subtitles:


  1. These are all such beautiful places I never really thought of visiting, until now! Thanks for the post!

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