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Today in music, Future has surprised us with some releases.  released 2 unexpected albums in back to back weeks. With a total of 34 songs, Future fans are extremely thrilled that they can listen to new music by the beloved hip-hop artist. With favorable producers the sound and quality is always the best  when it comes to a banging production and sound. With so many songs there are only 2 features throughout these albums which Means we will expect a mix of emotions with these works.



One in which is for his fans who love the sound of trap beats and enjoy collaborations with familiar producers such as Metro Booming and Zeytoven can expect great results from this. With other producers on the album, there happens to be no features on it, allowing Future to show us his personal life. One of which is a self-named album,   “FUTURE”, has been favored by many who are enjoy his production.

“As talented as Future is with quick wit lyrics and outer space vocal execution, a lot of his success can be attributed to the production he chooses to rhyme on. The best part about Future is how good his voice sounds smothered on top of those blood-pumping trap beats.” –





The other album that Future dropped, “HNDRXX”, released after “FUTURE.” This album includes features by Rihanna and The Weeknd. This album is expected to receive much radio play due to the his singing and songs for the ladies.

“It’s significantly more pop-leaning than the album he dropped last week, full of ballads and songs for the ladies. He’s also singing for most of the album, while FUTURE found him rapping for the most part.” –XXL



With great artist and producers come with great exceptions for Futures works. In fact, Future has passed all doubt and thoughts on him ever to leave the hip-hop presence. Rumors have it that Future is expect to drop a THIRD album which leaves all listeners awaiting and ready to be submerged by the wave of new music from a thrilling artist.

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