This picture is a symbol for hip-hop being that the boom box is apart of the culture as well as something used to play music. I chose this picture because when I think of underground, hip-hop is the first thing that comes to mind. Since the picture speaks for itself, I thought it would be the best idea to put the name of the website in the corner where it doesn’t take up too much space.


I chose to use a picture of 2 Pac Shakur as the focal point because when you think of hip-hop, he is one of the greatest to ever do it. I chose to center his picture in the middle of a brick wall since bricks are underground.


This is a picture of people at a concert celebrating whomever is performing. I chose this picture because concerts are a huge part of the culture so why not include a picture that shows a real life event taking place? I look to expand on this picture in the near future and it happens to be my least favorite.


Katt Williams during stand up show / Google images


It seems like Katt Williams just can’t keep himself out of the headlines. Over the weekend, Katt Williams was informed that he would be receiving an Emmy, which is a one in a lifetime experience. The only problem was that the Emmys was scheduled to take place the same day as his court date. Unfortunately, no one in William’s camp informed him that he had to be present in court, therefore when he didn’t show up the judge issued a warrant for his arrest.


According to TMZ, sources say Katt didn’t know about the warrant until he was caught in Oregon assaulting his driver. These accusations have yet to be proven but it seems like Katt Williams is going to end up in jail again. Although he didn’t commit a serious crime, missing your court date has always been frowned upon because it shows a lack of concern.


(AP Photo/Coweta County Sheriff Dept.)


Sources are saying that the comedian was unaware of his court date due to a lack of communication between him and his management team, so who’s really at fault? Is it Katt Williams fault for being excited about attending the Grammys or is it his management team’s fault for not informing him on his court date?


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