Please research 3 music platforms where artists may promote their music. Which one is the best? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each platform? Are their costs involved? What major artists have been discovered on any of these platforms?


Instagram would probably be the best to promote your music or anything you would want to promote for most people to see. I used Yung Pinch my favorite artist as an example. I started following him on instagram when he just had 15k followers (about 1.5 years ago). Now you can see he is at 353k (Huge difference).




Twitter also being a major platform to promote music is just as good as instagram. Twitter was definitely the first platform to post on if you needed to promote something. The advantage of twitter is that unlike instagram people can repost easily with a click of a button, so if you have may supporters, they can easily repost and show their followers. The disadvantage of twitter is that Instagram has surpassed twitters numbers with active users. So there is a lot more potential viewers you can get off instagram.




The advantages of instagram would definitely be the population that is active with this platform. From all age ranges as well you have kids at 5 years old having their own account to the older adults. (My grandma has Instagram too). So due to so many people on Instagram it is bound for many people to get drawn to your work if your good.

Some disadvantages of instagram right now is that many people pay for fake followers, likes, views etc. This is a recent problem that just started to occur so now you have to watch out for who is real who is fake .


Soundcloud: The advantage of soundcloud is that it is free and anything you post on their platform anyone can hear/listen to your work.

The disadvantage is that I feel people look down on this platform because it isn’t apple music or spotify. They single out people who just post their music on soundcloud and call them “soundcloud rappers.” 



The Love For It.








Yung Pinch is in the rise, making it to New York, March 22, all the way from Huntington Beach, California.  His music has grown tremendously over the year and he is getting new viewers/fans everyday.  This is event meant a lot to him knowing he is from California and having to perform in New York (across the U.S). Further more he sold out the venue, SOB’s, out in New York City. Being a Musician myself and a fan of Pinch, being able to see this performance brought so much inspiration. Music is a beautiful thing and being able to have either a couple, hundreds, or thousands of people to listen to your own creation can be a wonderful feeling. Although concerts are for fun and dancing and all, you can also get out of these concerts is the motivation to want to work hard to do what you love. Not necessarily being a musician but with anything in life, work hard for something you love to do and who knows maybe it can be your job one day.






How do they do it ?

How do they make money off their social medias? A question many people want the answer too.Here is one of my favorite artist, Yung Pinch, a rapper from California. I have been following Pinch since he had 15k followers about 1.5 years ago. He has came a long way with his music. Yung Pinch has his music on all platforms such as Apple music, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. Due to all of his fans and great support they give him because of the outstanding content he has put out, has lead him to be very successful with his music and make money. He is also doing shows  worldwide from the U.S to Europe. Although his music is great and he is one of the best to do it , it is also how true to himself he is that attracts fans everyday too. I feel his post with snippets to new music gets the most views. Also the GFX and pictures he puts out are all taken by official camera people. He post top notch quality content.


So many of you may know of the game Fortnite. Fortnite is an online video game first released in 2017 and developed by Epic Games. It is available as separate software packages having different game modes that otherwise share the same general gameplay and game engine. Now Ninja being one of the best gamers to play this game has brought in so many viewers in his streams due to the insane gameplay he posts. He averages about 2 million views on youtube, and over a million followers on each social media platform. Ninja post both short clips from games or post the full video. I feel he gets more views and activity on his short clips because it is normally a clip of him doing something no one else can probably do just because of how good he is. Due to all of his followers and views he gets this allows him to bring in money from Youtube, Twitch, Live streaming,  Tournaments, etc.




Fear Of God is a designer clothing brand owned by Jerry Lorenzo. Jerry Lorenzo is very well known in the game. Being good friends with Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Virgil Abloh. These all being well known celebrities, they all promote his clothing. They wear it and of course their millions of followers are attracted by it and that is what brings him all the customers/buyers. Just a pair of jeans cost $1,200. So not everyone can just buy these depending on their budget but the clothing site is always sold out. Jerry Lorenzo is one of the biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion. The new look you see today can some what tie back to him because he set so many trends around the world.


My Photo edits





If you take a look at the before and after, you’ll notice that in the edited picture I tried to give it more of a polaroid/ old fashion look.

Let me know what you guys think ?



What do you see?

This is a blurry picture yes, but what I see here is my thoughts when I deal with anxiety, depression, and stress. What I’ve learned from my dark times is to keep fighting through it. It is temporary feelings. You won’t be sad forever. This is also the cover to my new song ” STORY pt1.”

A song that deals with heartbreak and depression. Usually when your in dark times, sad music helps cope with the feelings, maybe this song can help you



NYC Born and raised. It is a jungle where everyone is doing what they can to survive and live their best life.


Remember things can always be a lot worse.

My Thought…

At first I honestly thought having my own blog would be very stressful and hard due to all the reading and research it takes up. It turned out to be the opposite. It is just like other social media platforms. Instagram you post pictures and put captions, Twitter you post your tweets about whatever is on your mind etc.. When you blog you have your main topic on what you love to talk about. It could be from sports to religion doesn’t matter. What I love is Music and now I get the chance to just share my thought to the world. It also helps  advertise for  my music. Although at first it was a bit difficult just maintaining a website as in having it look cool and up to date. I would not know what to talk about sometimes. Sometimes you think you have be proper in a way that you look like you know what your talking about. It’s more of a fear. You have to be creative and get out your comfort zone. It has helped me with that and also I benefited from this because I get to know more about the music industry and also what goes on behind the scenes.

POSITIVE > negative


Many of you know Meek Mill in the music industry, rapper from Philadelphia. He has been through a lot over the past couple years dealing with a battle with the criminal justice system. With him already having a lot of resources he had a lot to lose such as his young son as well. Of course people will judge and say negative comments but Meek Mill saw past that and acknowledged the supporters. With that being sad he is changing his life for the better and spreading positivity. Meek Mill is a leader in today’s society.

“My question to you, Meek, is: Are you willing to travel those rocky roads towards your throne? Most importantly: Are you sure you want this responsibility?” he writes. “Like our old heads used to say, ‘Heavy is the head that wears the crown.’ It’s free to dream but nothing is more expensive than achieving them. I repeat: Nothing is more expensive than achieving your dreams. Trust, you will get yours. You will set the rap game on fire. What if I told you that you will record with Mariah Carey? Or that you’ll buy a Ferrari after coppin’ the Rolls-Royce? That fly shit is cool but you wanna know what tops it all? Mom never having to worry about money again because you believed in yourself. The countless times she risked it all to feed you and Nasheema won’t be in vain. But I can’t stress enough how much it costs to be a young leader. Costs even more to be a young Black leader.”

Meek Mill shouldn’t just inspire upcoming artist or Black people. As he says ” It’s free to dream.” The most you can do in life is live your life how you want it and do what you love and spread nothing but positivity. At the end of the day it is all about our youth , we teach them now that you can be anything you want in life, this world can maybe be at peace one day.






6ix9ine (right picture)  a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Many people call him a troll, meaning he messes around, you can never take him serious. Although he is very successful with his music being 9 for 9 on the billboards, he just does the wrong things sometimes and he doesn’t realize the impact he has on our youth. Going back to spreading positivity, 6ix9ine does to a certain extent but in the wrong manor. 6ix9ine is always having some type of problems with other rappers and he has no problem calling them out on social media knowing he has 14 million followers on Instagram. (more than half of them being minors/ young adults). The message here is although he is very successful, he’s just not a person you can take serious. He did follow his music dream and made it happened but the person he is today has no sort of spreading positivity/love around the world. Every time you hear something about him you just laugh. Bet if he was to change his act and care more he can have a huge impact in today’s society.







Living with Integrity



Scooter Braun, the manager for singer, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, shows us how he fought and did not give up for what he is today.  This video is very inspiring and it’s purpose behind it is to not give up because you’re feeling doubt. “see it through,” as Scooter Braun’s, father said. You never know what’s in the next door. This is a very creative post and if you are ever feeling like you can’t do something this video can make you see things better. This post was originally posted by GoalCoast another page that puts out episodes of various topics. Link is in the Facebook post to check their page out. I recommend watching this video. The link is below the picture.




What’s your inspiration ?

Complex is a well known platform in the music industry. If you ever need any updated news on artist, shows/events, etc, complex can definitely help you out with that. Also they are very good for promoting. Getting your work promoted by them is pretty much guaranteed fame.


XXL is a also a well known platform for artist to get known. Every year they have a event called XXL Freshmen cypher, Where they pick about 10 new artist on the rise and they hold events such as the artist rapping to a beat,  aCapella, XXL even holds a concert for all these artist to perform in front of hundreds of people. Getting chosen to be on XXL can change your life as an upcoming artist.

( I attached a video to see a little how xxl really is.)


Lyrical Lemonade. The CEO and mastermind behind this is Cole Bennet. He started this platform for artist so they can get some cool visuals, music videos stuff like that to attract a audience. Cole’s work is amazing, his music video edits have changed the videography life in music. If you get to work with this guy and his crew this is also another way to making to the top. He has helped artist come up from nothing just from one video.

No Jumper is definitely a great platform to get looked at. Adam, the mastermind behind all of it started off by just getting interviews with upcoming artist and helping them get exposed to the world. Adam has done interviews with some of my favorite Artist such as Yung Pinch, Lil skies, etc.. If you can get an interview here this can change your music career. No jumper also does promos, where you can pay a certain amount to get them to play your song while they are live streaming. They talk about different artist all the time, what they’re up too, what new music is on the way etc.


Genius is very different from all of these but the same in a way they just do things a little different.  I actually am interested in their work. What they do is, they get an artist who is really on the rise or has a HIT song and they interview them and ask them questions as to what was the back story behind the song, and what the lyrics mean. It is interesting because many people like me always wonder what is really the story behind it all. Me as an artist I would love to tell my story to them one day.