Mac Miller: A Legend Forever


Mac Miller was pronounced dead Friday September 7, 2018. Reporters said Mac Miller who was only 26, was dead for many hours before his body was discovered in his bedroom. People are skeptical about the party that was thrown the night before. A lot of people are saying he was gong through depression due to his break up with Ariana Grande.


Ariana and Mac were together since 2012, just until May 2018 she announced their split up and just weeks later she found a new one who she’s engaged too now.



Mac Miller has touched many hearts with his music. Many celebs were heart broken to hear about his passing. In this video above some celebs express their feelings on the death of Mac Miller a legend.

Heres another link to see how much he impacted people you probably look up today.

Starting with Artist Chance the Rapper, announcing on twitter, “Its so crazy cause earl literally hit me up this morning him and vince were real friebds I met at a pivotal time in my life through mac. This s*** hurts so bad. If you love someone make sure u tell em”

As a kid growing up my favorite song by Mac Miller was ‘Best Day Ever’

I feel a lot of people in my age group would feel the same. This song helped me as a young child, always putting me in a good place when it started playing. Singing along and knowing the lyrics made me feel like a superstar. Mac Miller will live forever through his music. He is going down as a Legend, and Legends don’t die.

The switch up in music

Music has been around for ages, and has seen many different faces and many different styles. In today’s age, people don’t really listen to music or remember music that happened before the 1960s. If you’ve been a fan of music and you’re in my age range (22), you can see the huge difference in music nowadays. Around the 1960’s the style of music was rock and roll. This of course featured electric guitars, drums, and loud singing. The amount of different types of styles that are out now. Starting from mumble rap , to using auto tune and special effects. A lot of artist in this generation are considered mumble rappers. Pretty much hop on a mic with some auto tune and hit some catchy flows while rapping. Back then people would appreciate music more because you actually had to be talented and play instruments, instead as of today where technology has advanced so it is easier for artist to make music. This is why older people say music was better back then .Growing up I was into artist like Biggie Smalls, Eminem, 50 cent, T-pain etc. Now my preferred artist will be Yung Pinch, Trippie Redd, Travis Scott etc. These are all new artist the have came up within the past couple years. If you were to listen to their music compared to the artist I use to listen to, you will hear a big difference.


Here is a picture of Biggie Smalls he was born 1972, from Brooklyn and was shot and killed in LA in 1997. Biggie changed the Rap game during his time and is considered a legend that’ll live forever.



Here is Biggie Smalls his last ever performance.




Here is Travis Scott an artist in today’s generation. You can see the huge difference on these artist.

Both Biggie and Travis are considered Rappers and Hip-Hop artist too



You can just tell the difference in these pictures. To the left is a Music festival from this year and to the right a concert from the 1960’s.


Yung Pinch putting himself on the map

Yung Pinch, Rapper who earned a significant amount of exposure with early mixtapes.  He rose to fame considerably with his 2016 album, 714Ever. His real name is Blake Sandoval and He attended Marina High School. He grew up in Huntington Beach, California.  Pinch  learned to play drums at an early age and has been rapping since he was young. He was born in April 6 1997. In 2016, Pinch blew up when he unloaded 4EverHeartBroke, a  EP that showed the vibes that would help him to his road to stardom. “Rock With Us,” which is a single from the project 714EVER, has been streamed 4.4 million times. The first song that caught my eye was ‘Look Like’ which is also on the album. Pinch has continued supplying his fans with exact melodic stylings they’ve come to love, other projects like 4EverHeartBroke2 (2017), and, most recently, #4EverHeartBroke3 are examples of why Yung Pinch is next up. He continues to impress the  fans and is catching more and more eyes and ears everyday. This past winter, Pinch traveled everywhere for his All 4 the Love Tour which I actually able to attend in New York at SOB’s.  When he was done with that, he traveled with G-Eazy for The Beautiful and Damned Tour


Here is a picture of me and Pinch when I saw him on Tour. In New York (SOB’s


Shiggy Challenge made it to the big stage


If you don’t know who shiggy is, he is a instagram comedian.

For some of you who do not know the song “In my feelings,” on Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion’ ( SIDE B, Track #9).

Below is the album, available on iTunes.

Shiggy made a Dance to Drake’s song called the shiggy challenge t that went viral on the internet, causing Drake’s song to double his numbers in streams as well.


Drake performing at Barclays 2018.



Shiggy thanking  his fans on instagram.





The original dance Shiggy made that went viral.