10.01 Radio Copy

Creator: Sarah Konyak 


Title: Alvababy Reusable Diapers

Selling Point: green, better impact on earth, safer choice for your child 

Length:30 Seconds

Driving Time: Morning 7am-9am, Afternoon 2pm-5pm 


(soft baby lullaby plays with a soft woman’s voice speaks calmly and slowly) Everyone makes an impact on this earth.  And everyone wants what is best for their newborn. In order to keep your child and our Earth healthy and clean use Alvababy reusable diapers.  Waterproof, breathable, and extremely comfortable, alvababy reusable diapers provide you with an eco friendly and pocket friendly option for your little angel.   Do what is best for your child and our Earth: use Alvababy Reusable diapers. visit alvababy.com for more info. (lullaby slowly fades out)