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Ancient Town of Woqan hin Pictured before the Archaeologists dug



On October 20th, 2019 Archaeologist Gilberto Lin and his crew have uncovered what is believed to be a town predating the Mayan society.  

Gilberto Lin’s reconstruction of Woqan hin

South of Guatemala City, Guatemala archaeologists have found an ancient town that was built before the Mayans.  The town is found buried under what is today Guatemalan Town Escuintla.

It is estimated that about 20,000-30,000 people lived there from 2,000B.C.- 0A.D.  This town was lost due to being buried in a mudslide encasing the homes, town center, and the people in mud just now being  evacuated. 


So far, multiple homes have been unearthed and show what life was like during this time.  Unlike many other societies in Europe, Woqan hin had running water that lead to a nearby river and allowed for primitive indoor plumbing.  This indoor plumbing included a sink, a toilet that carried waste to a nearby reciprocal, and a …

While these were not found in every home, they were found in the majority of the homes uncovered.  

A small town center was uncovered which seemed to be able to fit about 10,000 people.  But it was also found to have a library consisting of 5,000 books, and 


The town center included an outdoor play area where it seems children were allowed to play.  In addition to the play area, toys including a wooden bird and a toy wagon with wheels was found in the area.  

Reconstruction of One of the Wooden Birds found in town center


Not much is known about the town just yet, but Jimmy Morales, currently President of Guatemala, is sending more resources and funding in hopes to find out how these people lived and how they were so technologically advanced.