11.14 Visual Ad Analysis

In this cosmopolitan ad, it shows a partial body picture of a semi-popular actress that the magazine is promoting.  They wrote about her in an article saying, “Gina Rodriguez Isn’t Sorry for What she says” implying she may have said something inappropriate or controversial.  In the add it has a multitude of colors included orange, red, black, blue, and green. Additionally, there are many fonts on it that draw the attention of the eye.  What was noticed first was “The make-out test a huge time saver” in large letters. What draws the eye to that is the large font, the color of the font, and now the readeris curious as to what it is about.  Gina Rodriguez is pictured as in front of the word cosmopolitan, covering part of the word showing her as the main topic. They also advertise by stating, “pay off $100,000 before you’re 30” this draws the eye because many people have debt and want to save money and pay off that debt.





In Nike’s ad, they keep if very simple.  There is no extra words and the background is mostly black with just an illumination of what seems to be iron man.  This ad is catering to men, men either interested in running or who love Nike. The title is “The sneaker makes the man” implying that without these sneakers you’re not a man and it is in bold, capital letters.  This ad is simply and caters to men who don’t want all the extra stuff. And it shows the nike ad without even mentioning Nike, we know what what are advertising and the brand.  



In this Time magazine cover, they show Dwayne Johnson in a close shot of his face, slightly smiling but mostly serious.  In large letters, it says “The 100 most influential People” implying that Dwayne Johnson is influential and you need to read this to find out why.  Additionally, it states that Michelle Obama, Bob Iger, Jane Goodall, and BTS are also influential. This ad is simple and it seems important to read.  The shot of Dwayne Johnson implies that it is serious and important.