11.19 Ad Analysis

In this ad, it states at the very top, “This is an AD for men.”  In a smaller font states, “hire more women in leadership roles. We’re all Worth it.”  Despite the fact that this ad portrays makeup, the target demographic is men. At the very bottom is shows makeup as a graph showing that with women, companies can make 15% more profit with women in leadership.  It is a simple ad that intends to make a powerful statement. This AD creates the mood of women are important but also advertises that L’oreal is a makeup company. It creates that feeling of importance by showing a graph, but allowing the companies own spin on it.   

The connection between the writing and the picture is showing how men can profit from hiring women for leadership roles and it shows that it is profitable.  The AD leaves a lot of negative space, and the designer did this on purpose. For symbols, they use percentages in the graph and they had the companies trademarked name.  The figures of the lipstick is realistic but shows red makeup coming out of the top a certain amount to portray the number of women and how it increased revenue. The background is simply red and darker red, not giving us much but keeping it simple.  This AD is hoping to persuade women to enter more leadership roles and for men to consider hiring women over men. This AD seems formal and kind of stale. This means it does not create an overwhelming feeling but simply gives information. It tells us that women in our society are under hired and people need to be persuaded to hire them.  It shows the previous cultural attitude towards women in the workforce.  

The problem with this AD is while it is meant for men, it would fail to draw the eye of males.  The reasoning for this is the center of attention is the makeup and while there are men who are interested in makeup, the vast majority of men do not care for makeup and would disregard it.  Even though it says “This is an AD for men”, many males would ignore that due to seeing the makeup. Additionally, to the reader the use of makeup feels slightly inappropriate. While they are stating an important message, the use of makeup makes it feel more materialistic.  If this AD portrayed real CEO women wearing the L’oreal brand makeup, it would have created a warm feeling of solidarity and less of a materialistic feeling.  

This AD is giving an important message, but their delivery is somewhat off.  It feels artificial, materialistic, and less sincere then they could have made it.  By showing real women they could have created a warmer more real feeling but they showed makeup, giving it an artificial void of feeling.  By using real people it would have also connected with the audience. Ethically, it feels off. Women are not makeup and not only women use makeup.  (Makeup in the workplace is an issue in that if a woman does not wear makeup she is perceived as lazy and not hardworking. While if she does, she can be viewed as ‘to feminine’ for leadership roles.)  By stating that women are worth the profit, it kind of gives the feeling of women benefit men and that is why they should be hired, but women should be hired regardless of their profit they bring a company.  It is fake equality.



This snickers print at states, “Luke, I am your mother. -Darth Vader.”  This AD is playing on a very popular Star Wars line, “Luke, I am your father.”  The popular snickers slogan is “You’re not you when your hungry.” It’s a funny AD meant to draw the attention of anyone who may be hungry or like sweets.  This AD is simple but funny, adding a sense of humor makes people feel the brand is relatable and friendly.