Russell Brand wins $10,000 in defamation Case

Russell Brand pictured with Sophie Coady

Pictured above, Russell Brand is seen spending close time with model Sophie Coady.  The Sun, a popular British news site, has claimed that Russell Brand had been cheating on Jemima Khan for over four months with Sophie Coady, despite his constant talk about how faithful and loving their relationship was.  Russell Brand came forward stating that the claims were wrong and he became distress because the Sun initially refused to remove the article, withdraw the allegation, and publish an apology. The allegations were false and proven to be harmful to Russell’s image and his image with Jemima Khan.  The news article was then picked up and spread by other websites due to Russell’s popularity. This continued to distress him and he took it to court. The false allegations that he was cheating on Sophie Khan and deceiving the public was without hard proof and was distressing and harmful to Sophia Coady, Russell Brand, and Jemima Khan’s public image.  In the end, the paper’s publisher had issued a public apology stating that the allegations were false. “We accepted in Court our article was untrue because it falsely accused Russell of cheating on his girlfriend Jemima Khan over four months with model Sophie Coady despite Russell publicly talking about his committed and faithful relationship with Jemima.”  The Sun wrote in their public apology. Additionally, they agreed to pay the legal costs for Russell and pay for the damages, this has been estimated around $10,000.