A Loving Mother and her Gruesome Decapitation


Home of Davie and Natasha Dauzat


Davie Dauzat, a 24 year old Central Texas man, was visited by the police due to a welfare check but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Until they received multiple worrying calls.   

Decoration inside the family’s home

The home owned by Davie Dauzat and Natasha Dauzat was visited again when the brother of D. Dauzat called them, distressed, saying that he was receiving strange phone calls from his brother. 

The brother then called a second time saying that Davie Dauzat had killed Natasha Dauzat, his wife. 


Their 1-year-old infant and 3-year-old toddler

Natasha Dauzat, a mother of two children, was decapitated and stabbed dozens of times, up to 43 times according to the autopsy, by Davie Dauzat while their 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter were in the home with them.  The children were found injured, but covered in their mother’s blood. 


Natasha Dauzat and her children

This took place in the couple’s mobile home in 4300 block on Concord st, Bellmead tx, just northeast of Waco. 

The police report states that the man had used drugs, but it was not clear which drugs he took that caused the vicious decapitation.  It is known that his wife and himself had smoked marijuana earlier that day. Surprisingly, there was no question about Davie Dauzat’s mental state during the trial.  

Davie Dauzat claimed that it was a battle between good and evil and even put her head in the fridge.  

The murder took place in August of 2016 and in December of 2017, he pleaded guilty to the murder and he was sentenced to 52 years in prision with no chance of parole till he completed 26 years.  

“I think it highlights the dangers that drugs play in our society,” Dauzat’s defense attorney, Joseph Marcee, of Georgetown, said after the sentencing.


The victim’s mother, Patricia Tagliarino, feels that 52 years is not enough of a punishment for Dauzat’s horrifying act against Natasha Dauzat.

  She prays every day for Dauzat to get what he deserves: a slow and painful death similar to that of Natasha Dauzat.