Ana Acevado: An Amorous Anthology

Anaisa (Ana) Acevado is an 18 year old sophomore that is currently attending Dominican College and is participating in a Writing Media course.  She attends college in hopes to complete her major of Communications Study here at Dominican College.  

Originally from Queens, New York, Ana was raised in Walden, New York, her hometown, she grew up with 7 siblings, 4 of whom were males with the other 3 being females.

Ana’s greatest influence in her reading and writing career is her older sister, May.  Because of her love and respect for her older sister, Ana feels pride in following in her sister’s footsteps.  At a young age, Ana’s sister was an avid reader and Ana viewed her as extremely knowledge. Due to that level of respect, Ana looks up to May and aspires to be just as intelligent.

Her writing was also influenced by her love of expressing herself through writing.  When Ana observes news articles, videos, or other media, she strives for remaining unbiased in hopes of seeing both sides of the story. 

 Although she does not like politics, Ana stays informed by watching NBC news and StayTuned on snapchat.  Ana feels the more news sources you surround yourself with, you can stay unbiased and look at facts rather than opinions. 

Weekly, Ana appreciates the work of many Romantic writers. She feels that, in part, that the credit for her innocent love towards Romance novels is due to her loving and caring parents whom married at a young age.  

In addition to her parent’s care for each other, Ana’s interest towards Romance novels is a result of her affection to Romance novel’s typical happy ending.  

Her love for Romance novels is simply for fun and she hopes her career goes into other forms of communications rather than romance.

Due to Ana’s young age, she is still per suing many angles on her communications major, but she is certain that wants to go into film.