9.10 AP Style

  1. Do you order Girl Scout Cookies or Girl Scout cookies (that is, with or without a capital C)?
    1. Girl Scout Cookies (trademark) 
  2. Hyphenated or not: “a week-long event” or “a weeklong event”?
    1. Weeklong event pg 262
  3. Are those emails from Nigerian princes examples of Spam (capitalized) or spam (lower case)?
  4. When conducting research, should Wikipedia be used as a primary source?
    1. No 
    2. You can check their sources and use that, but Wikipedia is not a primary source
  5. Which of the following are trademarks and should be capitalized (if, indeed, they have to be used at all): Velcro, Frisbee, Breathalyzer, Styrofoam, Band-Aid?
    1. Velcro, Frisbee, Band-Aid, Styrofoam
  6. When using the “microblogging platform” known as Twitter, does one Twitter or Tweet?
    1. tweet
  7. Is it correct to use tidal wave as a synonym for tsunami?
    1. Yes pg 276
  8. Which of the following may be used in an AP news story: ditto marks [〃], italics, brackets?
    1. Yes: ditto marks [“] pg 80
    2. No: brackets pg 402, italics pg 403
  9. Arbitrate and mediate both appear in reports about labor negotiations, but only one of the terms calls for the handing down of a decision. Which one?
    1. Arbitrate pg 23
  10. Which is correct: associate degree or associate’s degree?
  11. In a recipe, two cupfuls or cupsful?
    1. Cupfuls pg 67
  12. Which of the following social media terms are acceptable to the AP editors: app, mashup, retweet, unfriend, click-thrus?
  13. Do you visit a Web site or a website?
    1. Web site pg 129
  14. Does writer’s guide need that apostrophe?
    1. Yes, shows possession 
  15. Which pronoun should be used in reference to a ship, she or it?
    1. she
  16. Which of the following words and phrases should be avoided (except when in quoted matter)?
    1. Should be avoided except when quoted- canuck, coke,
    2. Avoid- deaf-mute, handicap, Scotch
  17. Is it acceptable to use the term “Obamacare” anywhere in a news story?
  18. Is there any difference between an epidemic and a pandemic?
  19. What does fulsome mean?
    1. It means disgustingly excessive. Do not use it to mean lavish or profuse. Pg 106
  20. What is the difference (if any) between farther and further?
    1. Farther refers to physical distance: He walked farther into the woods. Further refers to an extension of time or degree: She will look further into the mystery.  Pg 96