Facebook Post


In May 2017 M&Ms is coming out with a new flavor! CARAMEL! I don’t think the M&M company is doing a very good job at advertising it especially after seeing this post. M&M has been around for years and they are coming out with a new product one that you would think would be a big hit, so you would think they wouldn’t be able to shut up about it. Yet here is a post and all they write is “Introducing a new fan favorite. Are you excited for your first taste?” with a short 8 second video. If I worked for M&M I would be advertising this like crazy! Trying to draw in new and old costumers. Creating Twitter and Facebook and posting about it, maybe give some customers a sample and have them talk about it on these social media sites. MAKE A COMMERCIAL FOR GOODNESS SAKES! GET PEOPLE EXCITED FOR YOUR PRODUCTS! I know that as soon as I saw this post I was very excited, however it took me 15min of scrolling on the M&M Facebook to find it. I expected more from you M&M, but I am excited for this new flavor!