Therapeutic Photography

Who: Anyone feeling stressed.

What: Therapeutic Photography is not just taking pictures it also could be looking at them, being in them, talking about them or even remembering one you have taken.

Where: Wherever you see beautiful things.

Why: Some people do it unintentional, like myself, just enjoy taking pictures because it is calming. Another reason people do this is because its soothing and it helps take their minds off of the everyday stresses.

When: Whenever you feel stressed or when something is bothering you. It helps to just let go and appreciate all the good and al of the beauty you are missing out on when you so caught up in the bad.

How: Go outside, find something beautiful, take a picture of it, and enjoy.

Who will be interviewed?:

Karina Almonte, a student at Dominican College who not only enjoys taking beautiful pictures but she loves taking a groovy selfie. I think Karina is an excellent person to interview because she not only takes pictures but she goes out of her way to look at the beauty in the world and capture it.



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