How often do you go to therapy?


Have you ever been so stressed you just want to scream? Therapy can cost a couple hundred dollars, well guess what!? you may already be going to therapy. Therapeutic Photography is a new way to go to therapy! When you’re feeling down and blue you want something or someone to cheer you up, make you feel better, and forget about what has you down right? Well, luckily therapeutic photography can be done all day any time and the best part IT’S FREE!

What is therapeutic photography? It’s photography that actually helps make you feel better. Go outside go for a walk and just look around, look at all the beautiful things around you. Take a picture of a flower or of the rain on your window. Take pictures of your friends laughing at something silly, take a selfie with your mom, capture the memories and the moments you never want to forget.


I started taking pictures just for fun and I now feel myself doing it because I want to remember that moment forever. Why would you not want to capture the best days of your life? Take that selfie with your mom so the next fight you have you can go look at that picture and appreciate the fact that she is in your life. Take a picture of that flower for the next rainy day when you’re in bed wishing for sunshine. Take the picture of the ocean to help you see how little you are in this big world. Take the pictures for the times that you need them most! asking pictures of my friends and family help me the most when I am feeling down. I look at those pictures and see all the amazing, wonderful people I have in my life that love me .

Doing these things can actually help you to realize that yes, we all have bad days, everyone has their own story, but there is so much more to life than just your problems. So do yourself a favor; get up and go appreciate the little things, go enjoy your life! Don’t dwell on the bad, you only have one life, don’t live it being miserable. Try it out! Take out your phone go outside and take some pictures. Next time you’re feeling blue go see all the yellow, red, purple and green the world has to offer!

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  1. Diane says:

    Very well written. Thank you for this!

  2. gabrielle says:

    I didn’t know photography could be therapeutic, but now I see why it is! Thanks for sharing!

    1. lauren lauren says:

      Hey Gabrielle!!
      So glad I was able to teach you something new! Go ahead and do some therapy, take some pictures!

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