Me Me Me

Ever hear of the saying “stop and smell the roses”? Well guess what — my website is the perfect way to stop and visit the roses. This website is where you can visit your roses and see things you would normally pass by. My name is Lauren Ladyzinski and I am 20 years old. I am a junior at Dominican College and I am a communications major with a business minor. I am from Long Island, New York, which is where my obsession with the world began. I have loved photography since I was a child, between taking pictures and being in them, my parents could not get me away from a camera. I feel like in today’s world people get so caught up in things happening in their life that they don’t take time to just sit back and enjoy what is happening around them. This is where I come in; my goal for this website is to show how beautiful ordinary things can be. I hope that after seeing my pictures and reading my captions you begin to see the beauty in everything. You only have one life to live, live it noticing how beautiful the world is!